It is a  pocket-size booklet, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Was    illustrated by  Mapazone  under the direction and guidance of ISHR. Each illustration (30)  is captioned with a short version of the corresponding article of the UDHR. The booklet can be understood and enjoy by all people at all ages. It is an easy tool for learning and includes the full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The booklet is written in (2) languages.  Is published by ISHR and can be purchased by requirement of any institution, company or individual that would like to have a copy .

The Pocket Guide to Human Rights is the instrument used by ISHR in Public Schools,  Colleges, Universities, Organizations and Businesses during ISHR’s program: Human Rights Class in a Box, an introduction to the Universal Declaration of human right for the prevention of discrimination,violence, dehumanization, bullying, and the promotion of equality and inclusion.


  • Language: English & Spanish
  • 30 articles: Short version
  • UDHR: full text

Paperback: 56 pages