1. Route in Spain
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    Route in Spain
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    The Route to Human Rights in the Primitive Way consists of placing and installing 30 artistic bronze plaques, designed by Spanish Artist Demo (Eladio de Mora) along the 13 stages of the Primitive Way. The plaques will be dedicated to each one of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  2. Class in a Box Elementary Schools
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    Class in a Box Elementary Schools
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    Respect for all human rights starts at home. It starts in our own relationships, neighborhoods, our own schools, workplaces, cities, kitchen tables. The more we understand and accept, tolerate and open to differences between people in our own lives, then the more we can see our similarities. The Diversity, Cultural Outreach, and Prevention Department of ISHR, would like to invite you to participate in our Human Rights centered Program.
  3. Class in a Box Higher Education
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    Human Rights Class in a Box for Higher Education, is a service learning project that enhances knowledge and enables students to pass on information to others through several means. Through the completion of The Human Rights Service Learning project as introduced by ISHR, the students are able to integrate subject matter of any course with learning outcomes for personal growth. They also learn the ability to communicate information clearly with others.
  4. Route MDC (Miami Dade College)
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    Guided by the extraordinary vision and practical road map suggested by the human rights framework and applying it to our own ways of life, "The Routes to Human Rights at MDC" will provide places for reflection, dedicated to human rights’ education and learning.