Via Council of Allande, Asturias. Spain (Translated by: Devorah Sasha) “I have the right to a fair trial” is the motto of the Palo plaque, in line with article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is the work of Eladio de Mora, and is sponsored by the Herber-Castro family. The American foundation, International Solidarity for Human Rights, has been working for years on this initiative to promote human rights. With this project, in addition to the religious, cultural and...


The Way of Saint James and Human Rights by MUNDIDIARIO

The Way of Saint James and Human Rights Translated by: Devorah Sasha The ideas of progress and hope are defining features of the Way of St. James, which already in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries united the Christian West. Europe was made by pilgrimage to Compostela, as Goethe summed up. The Way of St. James is an element of identity and cohesion, also a guarantee of union and coexistence. It is also the Main Street of Europe. In fact, for Europe, the...