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Class in a Box

International Solidarity for Human Rights moves forward in its continue effort to educate, and make people aware, about the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a Way of Life.

It is time to arm the children with a set of tools essential to their development that protects them from discrimination, inequality and slavery. Just as a child must build interdependent motor skills to be able to perform complex nerve and muscle acts to produce movement, children must build the ability to perform using the 30 interdependent human rights that they are entitled with since birth. The improvement of one right will facilitate the advancement of all of them

The ISHR’s program, Human Rights Class in a Box for Elementary Schools, is a learning tool for the children to change to positive attitudes towards compassion, empathy, kindness and love. This program serves the cause of anti bullying campaign.

All the students in this program learn and exercise reading skills, creativity and team work and the most important thing they learn about their inalienable and interconnected Human Rights.

This program has been implemented internationally. ISHR’s  facilitators are willing to travel abroad, if terms are agreed , to implement HRCB in any school around the globe.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights sets out the 30 fundamental human rights that protect the dignity of every human being. The recognition of the inherent, equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.


Respect for all human rights starts at home. It starts in our own relationships, neighborhoods, our own schools, workplaces, cities, kitchen tables.

The more we understand and accept each other, the more we are open to differences between people in our own lives, and the more we can see our similarities.

The Diversity, Cultural Outreach, and Prevention Department of ISHR, would like to invite you to participate in our Human Rights centered Program.

Subject: Human Rights Education-Learning

Context: An introduction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

Objective(s): Participants will examine the UDHR and become familiar with the 30 rights it proclaims; the activity creates awareness, promotes education and learning of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through visual art, music, dancing, or any other expression of the Arts.



ISHR Volunteers
The ISHR Illustrated Pocket Guide to Human Rights (version of the UDHR)
ISHR Laura va al colegio
ISHR El Oso Xuan
ISHR Una nina Llamada Elisa

Cuento del Señor Pepe

Austin Hepburn Multipurpose Center (Hallandale-Broward, Florida)

Colegio Eugenia Astur (La Espina, Spain)

Colegio Público El Salvador (Asturias, Spain)

Colegio El Pascon de Tineo (Asturias, Spain)

Park Side Elementary (Broward, Florida)

St Joan of Arc Elementary (Boca Raton, Florida)

Wilton Mannors Elementary (Broward, Florida)

School C.E.I.P. A Ponte- Lugo-Spain

School C. P. de Cornellana (Asturias-Spain)

School Santa Maria (A Fonsagrada-Galicia-Spain)

School Dolores Medio  (Oviedo-Asturias- Spain)

School CEIP Raiña Fabiola- Santiago de Compostela-Spain