Human Rights Class in a Box for Higher Education

Class in a Box

Human Rights Class in a Box for Higher Education, is a service learning program that enhances knowledge and enables students to pass on information to other people in their communities about the Universal declaration of Human Rights through several means.

Through the completion of The Human Rights Service Learning project as introduced by ISHR, the students are able to integrate subject matter of any course with learning outcomes for personal growth. They also learn the ability to communicate information clearly with others.

Service-learning has become one of the most important educational reform movements in the United States.  National research shows that students participating in service-learning show improvements in academic achievement, career preparation, feelings of self-efficacy, behavior, attendance, and civic engagement.

The Human Rights Class in a Box Learning Program offers students the opportunity to be part of something greater that gives them a “sense of purpose”.

By completing a Human Rights lesson plan, the students are given an opportunity to think creatively and to design an activity that is both entertaining and informative for the audience.

After teh students are lectured in Human Rights, they go out to their communities to teach what they have learned in the classrooms and in doing so they create consciousness in their own communities about human rights.


The Human Rights Academic Service Learning program reinforces

  1. The ability of communicate effectively to a captive audience.
  2. Useful communication skills.
  3. The mission to raise awareness of civil liberties that are based in the respect and exercise of human rights.
  4. Knowledge of ethical thinking.
  5. How to formulate strategies, to locate, evaluate and apply information.
  6. Personality and human behavior, theories of learning, memory and intelligence.

Human Rights Class in a Box is about learning the importance of “Human Rights as A way of Life”



Illustrated Pocket Guide to Human Rights (english intro)