The world has been paralyzed by the pandemic since March 2020.

The international health emergency has decimated the world’s health and economy affecting  human beings by the millions.

The pandemic has continue in 2021, and despite worldwide vaccination efforts, since the approval of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, countries continue to face a resurgence of the disease.

Every country in the world is facing serious problems, and for this reason many international projects and trips have had to be postponed or cancelled.

For the second year in a row, ISHR’s project and trip for the inauguration of the Route to Human Rights in the Primitive Way, in Spain, has been postponed for the restrictions put in place by countries and governments.

Likewise, the study abroad trip sponsored by ISHR in conjunction with the Office of International Education of Miami Dade College, has been postponed to 2022, if the circumstances allow.

To all the sponsors of the Route to Human Rights in the Primitive Way, we will resume the project as soon as we are allow by the circumstances. We have been in constant contact through this time with our partners in Spain. Everything is in place, everything will resume as we had planned for many years. We hope that by 2022, Xacobean Year, we can complete the task of installing all plaques and proceed to the inauguration of the Route.

ISHR  will return to the “Camino Primitivo” when all this is over.

The Primitive Way awaits us!