Via Council of Allande, Asturias. Spain (Translated by: Devorah Sasha)

“I have the right to a fair trial” is the motto of the Palo plaque, in line with article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is the work of Eladio de Mora, and is sponsored by the Herber-Castro family.

The American foundation, International Solidarity for Human Rights, has been working for years on this initiative to promote human rights.

With this project, in addition to the religious, cultural and mystical values of the pilgrimage route that the King of Asturias Alfonso II set in motion in the 8th century, there is also the recognition of human rights.

The King of Asturias granted privileges and protection to the towns that formed part of his pilgrimage route, such as Las Regueras, Grado, Salas, Tineo, Pola de Allande and Grandas de Salime.

This initiative, a pioneer in Europe, which promotes the values and education of human rights, is materialized with the placement of 30 bronze plaques along the 320 kilometers of the first Jacobean route.

Each of the plaques represents one of the articles of human rights contained in the Universal Declaration.

Of the 30 plaques, 15 are located in Asturias and 15 in Galicia, with Allande being the municipality with the most plaques, with three of them located in Pola de Allande, Puerto del Palo and Berducedo.

Elizabeth Sánchez Vegas and Devorah Sasha were in charge of handing over these plaques, which correspond to articles 9, 10 and 11 of the Universal Declaration, as well as their certificates of authenticity.